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D's Trees is a LOCAL Tree Trimming Company.  We are proud to offer our services to the Mariposa community and surrounding areas. We are equipped to offer Tree Trimming, Tree Removals, Stump Grinding and Mastication Services for however big your project may be. We take great pride in our work because it will enhance your property's curb appeal as well as improve the safety of your home, neighborhood and roads. We are more than Tree Removal Experts; we also engage with Land Management Experts that help keep the environment healthy. When it comes to trees, leave the hard work to us; we'll take care of everything!!

Large trees on your property can become overgrown, becoming safety hazards-limbs can fall, causing damage and sometimes branches can interfere with power lines. When it's time for cutting and pruning, leave this type of dangerous work to the professionals. Our founder has 15 years experience and the team as a whole has over 50 years in the industry! We'll increase your property's beauty, safety and value. 



"After coming home to find a tree had fallen on the house, I called D's Trees. I figured it would take several days and cost me a fortune-neither was true. They got to me quickly and were kind enough to cut up the tree, leaving it for firewood."

                                                               -Alicia M

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